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Micka Virtudazo

The Right Antler Chew for your Dog's CHEWnality

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Still a puppy or not anymore, your furry friend is going to chew, chew, AND chew! Puppies chew because their teeth are growing and adult dogs chew to strengthen their chewing muscles, to keep their brain engaged and teeth clean.

Chewing is good for your dog - physically and mentally! However, it is extremely important to make sure that what they're chewing on is S A F E.

Taking for granted your responsibility in providing them safe dog chews will result on them chewing on inappropriate (and unsafe!) things, like the legs of your table, your newly bought shoes, the cushion of your sofa bed, and who knows what else. So instead of having to face this dilemma, you can simply make sure they are given the appropriate dog chews.

There are a lot of dog chews available in the market today. But before being persuaded with deceiving marketing, we need to know which ones are wonderful, which ones are okay and which ones are definitely a big no-no!

First of all, it is best that you identify your chewing dog's personality and from there, identify which type of dog chew is right just for him.


Personality 1. Is your dog able to bite large chunks of dog chews and can devour them real fast?

Personality 2. Is your dog always able to shatter and wreck whatever he lays his mouths on? He may or may not swallow what he tries to chew on.

Personality 3. Does your dog love to take his time? Like there's a lot of tomorrows! He chews on slowly and enjoys every bit of gnawing.


Yes, there are a lot of dog chews available but one of the considered safest is the antler chew. There are two types of antler chews - the whitetail antlers and the elk antlers. To tell you, elk antler chew is the better choice and for good reasons!

Whitetail antler chews are very hard. Like hard-hard, even for the aggressive chewers. These will cause your dog’s teeth to break first (instead of the chew) and they can splinter, causing your dog to swallow sharp shards of it.

On the other hand, elk antler chew is softer and more nutritious. These chews don’t splinter so easily or will break your dog’s teeth so you become stress-free all the time.

antler chew

But elk antlers are not created all equal. Make sure you choose the grade A elk antler chews. They are more expensive but they are selected from Grade A premium raw elk antlers for their weight, density, color, & shape.


Safer. The common rubber/stuffed/rope chews you find in stores are either very hard, will easily break your dog’s teeth or splinter and can cause choking.

Lasts Long. Other dog chews simply won’t last. The great thing about antler chews is that it gives your dog a longer gnawing experience and saves you money, too!

No Unpleasant Smell. Unlike the rubber chews that has smell, antler chews are completely odorless and does not stain your carpets and floor.

Great Nutritional Value. It is our goal as pet parents to keep our dogs entertained and healthy at the same time. Antlers are natural chews and have no artificial ingredients added that can cause digestive upset.

antler chew

At Pet Parents®, we love animals, not just the ones in our homes. Because of this our raw elks antlers only come from antlers that have naturally fallen from elk and deer. This guarantees nature's natural dog bones & perfect bone marrow dog treats for years to come!