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10 Holiday Gifts any Pet (or Pet Parent) will Love in 2021

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Our pets are always there for us (and vice versa!), especially during the pandemic where we experienced a number of community quarantines and lockdowns. Now that everyone is trying to adjust to the new normal, it is fitting to say that pet parents (and their pets) deserve only the best holiday gifts this 2021.

Pet Parents® has come up with a list of the 10 holiday gifts any pet, pet parent, or soon-to-be pet parent will love in 2021.

Holiday Gifts any Pet Parent will Love in 2021

1. Waterproof Pet Blankets

Waterproof pet blankets are the perfect gift for pets and pet parents alike. Keeping your fur-baby warm and secured while keeping your house clean and dry and your furniture safe is a wonderful idea and pet blankets help make them come true. Waterproof pet blankets protect your furniture. That’s right while they may look like a simple couch blanket for dogs, Pawtect® Blankets can help protect your couch, car seats, bed, or any other surface frequented by pets from spills, drools, scratching, accidents, and pet fur. Plus, these blankets for dogs are machine washable for effortless upkeep.

Suggested gift: Pet Parents® Pawtect® Blankets and Pet Parents® Pawtect® Blanket Plus.

Pawtect® Blankets are waterproof pet blankets that have so many more uses than just a couch blanket for dogs. They come in multiple sizes ranging from a large dog throw blanket that is perfect for cuddling up with a fur-baby to a small dog blanket that is great for covering a bed or crate. These pet blankets are made with amazing features like EdgePawtector™ that prevents any wetness or moisture from leaving the edges and pushes back any right into the waterproof material of the blanket. LockJaw® intends to help limit easy fraying and loose ends because of your dog nibbling on blanket ends.

Pawtect® Blankets Plus, on the other hand, are identical to our Pawtect® Blankets except these pet blankets are extra heavy-duty! These are created with added layers, giving your fur-baby and your furniture that extra protection. When extra absorption is needed, the Plus version makes sure you, your fur-baby, and your furniture at home are protected and safe!

2. Pet Diapers

Dog diapers and cat diapers are on top of the holiday gifts for pets who might need help preventing messes. Washable pet diapers will make sure that your homes are clean and free from any accidents not just during the holidays but also on ordinary days. Washable dog diapers and can help with female dogs in heat, house training, excitement urination, incontinence, and more. While a diaper on cats will be useful for cat spraying, incontinence, travel, and more. Simply look for washable dog diapers or washable cat diapers so you no longer have to buy frequently. Then, find your fur-baby’s right fit, and voila! You have a house that’s dry, warm, and cozy for you, your pets, and your family!

Suggested gift: Pet Parents® Washable Cat and Dog Diapers.

These washable cat diapers and washable dog diapers from Pet Parents® were designed to prevent accidents from turning into messes and avoid common problems like dog diaper rash. These pet diapers are made with sewn-in pad layers that adjust to your fur-baby’s size and with our soft non-abrasive WickQuick® proprietary fabric. This fabric absorbs and locks in liquid fast so that you can avoid dog diaper rash or cat diaper rash.

3. Covers and Extenders

Have you ever noticed some excess hooks and loop fasteners from your washable pet diapers? It is totally normal due to the wide-ranging body sizes of pets but isn’t it annoying when these excess hooks and loop fasteners stick to your rugs, blankets, carpets, or couches? Covers are a must-have holiday gift for every pet parent that wants to avoid their other furniture at home getting damaged.

A lot of pet parents are worried about finding the right diaper or belly band fit for your fur-baby if caught in between sizes. Extenders will give you the privilege to customize your pet’s diaper or belly band for a better fit, which makes it one of the holiday gifts any pet parent will love in 2021. Finally, no more fur-babies trying to take off a close-fitting diaper or belly band and no more pet parents struggling to make a dog diaper stay on.

Suggested gift: Pet Parents® Covrs® or Pet Parents® Extendrs.

Covrs® hide and cover excess hook and loop fasteners on washable dog diapers and cat diapers as well as belly bands. These provide extra protection of furniture. Covrs® are perfect for preventing unwanted sticking, extending the lifetime of your furniture, accent pieces, and snag-free cuddles!

Extendrs® are extenders for your fur-baby’s cat diapers, dog diapers, or belly bands, giving them a better fit. Extendrs® are made with the same high-quality materials as our Pet Parents®' diapers and belly bands. This gives you the guarantee that your fur-baby and your home will remain mess-free and accident-free.

4. Belly Bands

For pet parents who have male cats or dogs, belly bands are a must-have. Belly bands are belly wraps made specifically for male cats or dogs. These are absorbent bands wrapped around your male fur-baby’s belly and private part. Male belly bands save your house and your sanity when they try to mark or pee. Common uses include excitement peeing, submissive peeing, urinary issues, traveling, potty training, post-operation management, and pregnancy prevention.

Suggested gift: Pet Parents® Belly Bands.

These are male dog wraps made with our soft non-abrasive WickQuick® proprietary fabric and include a leak-proof, water-proof shell. That shell makes sure messes stay inside the band. Belly bands make a great gift to your pet to prevent messes and ensure that they can still go everywhere you want them to with you.

5. Pet Pads

If you want to protect your floor from your fur-baby’s scratches, drool, and accidents, you will love pet peed pads as a holiday gift this 2021. Pee pads, also referred to as potty pads, pet pads, piddle pads, wee-wee pads, and training pads are square, rectangular, or circular layers of absorbent material utilized specifically for its ability to absorb any sort of mess, like pee or water spills. Not only are these great for cats and dogs but can be used as guinea pig pee pads or rabbit pee pads as well.

Suggested gift: Pet Parents® Pawtect® Pads.

With best in class absorption and odor control, Pet Parents® Pawtect® Pads are washable dog pee pads and pee pads for cats that instantly lock in any liquid mess. These washable dog pee pads and washable pee pads for cats are manufactured using a long-lasting and triple-stitched fabric blend. That means they can’t be efficiently shredded into pieces by your fur-baby like how they do with those disposable pet pads. These washable dog pee pads can be used for much more! Some examples include housebreaking, crate lining, protecting your floor, as a whelping pad, as pads for incontinent pets, post-surgery pads, can be placed under food and water bowls for messy eaters, and can be placed under litterboxes. For use as guinea pig pee pads or rabbit pee pads, they can be placed at the bottom of a pen to prevent messes.

6. Wash Bags

Whether you are washing your fur-baby’s diapers, belly bands, pads, or blankets, wash bags always come in handy. Washing pet laundry can be challenging and as you are continuously on the go. But wash bags not only make laundry more manageable, but also keeps it more organized. A pet laundry bag for washing dog blankets, cat diapers and more will help any pet parent keep their home clean. That’s why it makes a great holiday gift that any pet parent will love in 2021.

Suggested gift: Pet Parents® Wash Bags.

These are the ultimate pet laundry bag, hamper, storage, and more! Wash your pet's soiled pet diapers, dog belly bands, Pawtect® Pads, and pet blankets in style. These aren’t just a f, they can help protect your re-usable products. Using Pet Parents®' dog laundry bags helps extend the lifespan of your products and prevent extra fur from spreading to your favorite clothes.

7. Elk Antler Chews

For parents of average to moderate chewers, elk antler dog chews are the perfect holiday gift for your dog. If you want to make sure that your fur-baby is chewing on something safe and healthy, opt for these chews.

Suggested gift: Split elk and whole elk Pet Parents® Gnawtlers®.

Split Gnawtlers® are split antler dog chews where the bone marrow is out in the open, making it quicker for your fur-baby to gnaw on and relish the good stuff. These split Elk Gnawtlers® are made for puppies, senior dogs, and first-time antler chewers. Split Elk dog chews are available in sizes small to large antlers.

On the other hand, Whole Elk Gnawtlers® are the best if your fur-baby is the normal, moderate chewer. The elk antler dog chews extra large size is only available in whole elk. Whole elk antler dog chews extra large options are great for large breeds. These rocky mountain antler dog chews and heartland region dog chews are soft, but hard enough to last from your dog’s regular chewing practices.

8. Deer Antler Chews

For pet parents of powerful chewers that destroy conventional chew toys in minutes, deer antler dog chews are your ultimate holiday gifts.

Suggested gift: Whole Deer Gnawtlers®.

Whole Deer Gnawtlers® are the hardest of all the Pet Parents® Gnawtlers®. If your fur-baby is an aggressive chewer and they appear to value chewing more than almost anything else in the world, then whole deer Gnawtlers® are their one true love! Gnawtlers® are premium, naturally-shed heartland region and rocky mountain antler dog chews that will not easily break or splinter. For more help deciding which dog antlers will make the perfect gift, check out this article.

9. Pet Supplements

Another holiday gifts any pet parent will love in 2021 are pet supplements. While keeping a fur-baby’s nutrition on top can be challenging, it doesn’t have to be! The right supplements can help provide for all the nutritional needs of your pet and help address some health issues a fur-baby may have. Multivitamin dog supplements can benefit nearly any dog!

Suggested gift: Pet Parents® SoftSupps®.

Pet Parents® SoftSupps® are soft chew supplements that were specially crafted to have more active ingredients included than other leading supplements in the market. So, you know that you are giving a pet parent or fur-baby a high-quality, healthy supplement. Our SoftSupps® address issues concerning allergies, anxiety, skin & coat, bladder, and hip & joint, and provided for the probiotic, multivitamins, and turmeric & curcumin needs of a dog.

10. Gift Cards

The gift that keeps on giving for those pet parents who are extra particular about their pet’s care or soon-to-be pet parents. Let the pet parent choose the best options for their pets or home while you still get the credit!

Suggested gift: Pet Parents® gift card.

From a couch blanket for dogs to a washable dog diaper that will prevent dog diaper rash, a Pet Parents® gift card will give that special pet parent on your list the freedom to choose their ideal holiday gift. So, you don’t have to worry about getting the right antler dog chews extra large size vs. medium size. You won’t have to choose between washable pee pads for cats or waterproof pet blankets.

Holiday Gifts any Pet Parent will Love in 2021

Buying gifts this for pets and pet parents this holiday is extra special when they are carefully thought out. From dog multivitamin supplements to a laundry bag for washing dog blankets, Pet Parents® is here to make sure that you can find the right gift for the pet parent or fur-baby in your life. When you give high-quality products designed to be the best for both pet parents and pets, you can guarantee that the pet or pet parent on your list will love it! Follow this holiday gift guide for a merrier and healthier holiday ahead!

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